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Our one-dozen cookie of the month subscription is perfect for a single person or even a couple (with small appetites!)

Here's how it works: You can order any months you'd like. Each delivery of one dozen 3-inch round cookies . Unless otherwise requested, we will send your packages at about the same time each month. In addition, we will include a gift announcement in the first package, letting the recipient know when the cookies will be coming. Feel free to request substitutions below. We'll do our best to accommodate you.

PRICES INCLUDE PRIORITY SHIPPING: 2-month plan: $65.98 * 3-month plan: $98.97 * 4-month plan: $131.96* 5-month plan: $164.95 * 6-month plan: $197.94 * 7-month plan: $230.93 * 8-month plan: $263.92 * 9-month plan: $296.91 * 10-month plan: $329.90 * 11-month plan: $362.89 * 12-month plan: $395.88

The dollar amount shown below in parentheses is in addition to the base price of $32.99 for one delivery.

<b><i>New! One-Dozen Cookie of the Month Club</b></i>

Prices starting at:$32.99
Number of Months:2 months (+$32.99)
3 months (+$65.98)
4 months (+$98.97)
5 months (+$131.96)
6 months (+$164.95)
7 months (+$197.94)
8 months (+$230.93)
9 months (+$263.92)
10 months (+$296.91)
11 months (+$329.90)
12 months (+#362.89)
Which months would you like your packages to arrive?:01-January: peanut butter toffee
02-February: sugar
03-March: oatmeal chocolate chip raisin
04-April: peanut butter
05-May: M&M
06-June: chocolate chip toffee
07-July: Peanut Butter M&M
08-August: Sugar
09-September: chocolate chip
10-October: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
11-November: oatmeal Raisin
12-December: ginger krinkles
Would you like to make any substitutions?:
When would you like your first package to arrive?:
Should recipient get email notification that a package has been shipped? If so, provide email address:
Gift card message to be included in first package:
Anything else you'd like us to know about your order?:

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