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Cookies for your Summer Camper

Please note: We are closed for shipping from July 25 to August 8. Shipping will resume on Monday, August 10.

Make your kid the MVB (Most Valuable Bunkmate) by sending him or her a box of fresh homemade cookies that the whole cabin can enjoy. Need enough to feed the camp? We can ship as many as ten dozen.

PRICES INCLUDE PRIORITY SHIPPING: 1 dozen: $29.95 ~ 2 dozen: $39.95 ~ 3 dozen: $49.95 ~ 4 dozen: $59.95 ~ 5 dozen: $69.95 ~ 6 dozen: $79.95 ~ 7 dozen: $89.95 ~ 8 dozen: $99.95 ~ 9 dozen: $109.95 ~ 10 dozen: $119.95

Prices shown below in parentheses, i.e., (+$10.00), after each size package, are in addition to the base price of $29.95 for a one-dozen package.

Because we don't like to see our cookies delayed in transit over the weekend, we generally ship our packages on Mondays through Wednesdays (Thursdays in the northeast) so that they reach their destination before the weekend.

Free Priority Mail shipping throughout the US!

Cookies for your Summer Camper

Prices starting at:$29.95
FLAVORS: Select up to six kinds:just a nice variety
chocolate chip
ginger krinkles
peanut butter
oatmeal raisin
chocolate chip buttercrunch
oatmeal chocolate chip toffee
oatmeal chocolate chip & dried cranberries
peanut butter chocolate chip
SIZE OF PACKAGE:1 dozen ($29.95)
2 dozen (+$10.00)
3 dozen (+$20.00)
4 dozen (+$30.00)
5 dozen (+$40.00)
6 dozen (+$50.00)
7 dozen (+$60.00)
8 dozen (+$70.00)
9 dozen (+$80.00)
10 dozen (+$90.00)
GIFT CARD MESSAGE. Don't forget to include your name. Need more room? Use the Comments Box at check-out.:
When would you like your package to arrive?:

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