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Donate Cookies to a Soldier by Joining "Club Nine"

Have you considered some "random act of kindness" to show your support of our troops serving in the Mideast and in other parts of the world? One of my customers did back in 2005. And now it's grown to more than 1600 donors.

Here's now it works. When we receive an order going to a soldier stationed somewhere around the world (which is nearly every day), we add an extra dozen cookies to the package, compliments of an anonymous "Club 9" donor (We do share your city and state with him).

Once you order a Club Nine dozen (or two, or three, or four...), we'll then get you in line for the next recipient. When your dozen is sent, we will include a note in the soldier's package, explaining "Club Nine" and the donation from [your hometown]. And we'll let you know by email that your dozen has been sent and what city and state the order was placed from. (It can be a small world.)

With over 5400 dozen "Club Nine Cookies" donated so far, one thing that's for sure: Kindness is contagious.

Please note: After you click on the ADD TO CART button, you will be taken to the order form page with the shipping and billing information. For the SHIPPING ADDRESS, just enter your own (same as billing). When we receive the order, we will understand that it is for a Club Nine donation only and that the cookies are not be sent to you.

<b><i>Club 9</i></b>

Prices starting at:$9.00
Would you like us to email you when your cookie donation has been sent?:Yes, I'd like that
No, not necessary

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Our Story
In February of 2005, a gentleman from Massachusetts called to have some cookies sent to a friend serving in Iraq. At the end of the call, he asked me to add $9 to his bill. He explained that since it costs $9 to add another dozen to a box of cookies, he wanted me to include an extra dozen to the next order I received for a package going to another deployed soldier. He expected nothing in return. (Thanks, Charlie.)

Later that day, I shared this story with a customer/friend of mine in Texas who said, "Well, send some cookies to my son at college, and add $9 to my bill." (Thanks, Gary)

We had friends in for dinner a few days later, and when I told them the story, the husband reached in his pocket and handed me $9 to "bump up" the next APO/FPO shipment. (Thanks, Dave and Ann)

The next morning I received another APO order from a military wife in North Carolina. I emailed her a confirmation, explaining why her husband in Iraq would be getting three dozen instead of the two dozen she ordered. She was so touched, she asked me to add $9 to her credit card for the next guy. (Thanks, Malia)

At that point, I knew we were onto something! So overnight, "Club 9" was created. Why Club 9 for a name? Because back in 2005, that's what an extra dozen cookies cost: $9. (Today it's $10, but we've retained our 2005 pricing for this program.)

Testimonials from our troops

I'm currently stationed overseas and I would like to thank the Maine Family who sent me the extra dozen cookies. It is nice that there are citizens out there that support us and our mission. I shared all my cookies with the soldiers who are here with me. We are part of a medical brigade and take care of the soldiers' health and well being. My soldiers and I make sure that the medics have everything they need for their equipment. We all really enjoyed the cookies, made us all think of home. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I recently received a cookie order from my wife back at home. I was pleasantly surprised to find the extra dozen cookies included with my wife's order. As I read the enclosed letter about Club Nine, I thought I would write this note to thank you for starting such a fine gesture. I would also like to thank the gentleman from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina who paid for that extra dozen of cookies that were sent to me. I shared the cookies with the people who work for me, so I would also like to send thanks on their behalf. It brought a little "touch of home" to us Airmen who are far away from our homes serving our country. Once again, thank you for injecting some happiness into a few military members a distant way away.

I would like you to pass on a little info to the woman that purchased our extra dozen cookies in Shoal Creek, Alabama. You can tell her that her cookies made it to Kirkuk, Iraq and were enjoyed by 3-116 mortars from Pendleton, Oregon. Thanks for all the support. It sure makes the heart smile and the smile warm thinking of home and all the love and support you all give us.

I got the box of cookies you sent the other day with the Extra Dozen in them. THEY ARE FABULOUS, and I wanted to let you know I think it is GREAT way to show support. Please let the lady in Potomac, Maryland that put the extra Dozen in mine they were WELL appreciated by myself and my soldiers. It is GREAT to know that people we don't even know, care about us over here.

I would REALLY like to be able to thank her myself so if you could forward my Email to her I would be most appreciative. Please keep doing what you are doing because you will bring a lot of smiles and warmth to the folks over here doing what nobody else wants to do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Oh and your COOKIES ARE THE BEST. I have been SAVORING them:)

I wanted to express my thanks for the extra cookies I recently received. My wife had sent a regular order to me in Iraq around the middle of March. I got them near the end of March but have been unable to write a thank you note because of the pace of life over here. Michelle had bought two dozen cookies but you sent me three dozen! In your enclosed letter you explained that a woman from Ft Worth, TX, had sent some extra money to add to my wife's order. I can tell you that the extra thought and support that was sent will last much longer than the cookies did! Please pass on my thanks to whomever added this special touch to my wife's gift. It means a lot to all of us over here.