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Send a gift of fresh baked cookies, perfect for any occasion.

Get well, happy birthday, welcome new baby, good luck in school, good luck with your new job, bon voyage, I'm sorry, welcome back, thanks so much, missing you, thinking of you, I appreciate your help, happy retirement, sorry for your loss, good luck in your new home.... Whatever the occasion, a cookie gift is a thoughtful, appreciated, and delicious way to send your thoughts to that special person.

PRICES INCLUDE PRIORITY SHIPPING: 1 dozen: $32.99 ~ 2 dozen: $42.99 ~ 3 dozen: $52.99 ~ 4 dozen: $62.99 ~ 5 dozen: $72.99 ~ 6 dozen: $82.99 ~ 7 dozen: $92.99 ~ 8 dozen: $102.99 ~ 9 dozen: $112.99 ~ 10 dozen: $122.99

Prices shown below in parentheses, i.e., (+$10.00), after each size package, are in addition to the base price of $32.99 for a one-dozen package.

Cookies for Any Occasion

Prices starting at:$32.99
Check your choices, up to six:just a nice variety
chocolate chip
ginger krinkles
peanut butter
oatmeal raisin
M & M
oatmeal chocolate chip
Is this for any special occasion?:
SIZE OF PACKAGE:1 dozen ($32.99)
2 dozen (+$10.00)
3 dozen (+$20.00)
4 dozen (+$30.00)
5 dozen (+$40.00)
6 dozen (+$50.00)
7 dozen (+$60.00)
8 dozen (+$70.00)
9 dozen (+$80.00)
10 dozen (+$90.00)
When would you like your package to arrive?:
GIFT CARD MESSAGE(don't forget your name). If you need more space, add your message in Comments Box at Check Out:
If you'd like your recipient get an email notification that a package is coming, enter email address here:

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