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Valentine Cookie Package

Roses are red, violets are blue, but they're not as tasty, as cookies from you!

Don't forget your sweetie on Valentine's Day with a gift package of homemade fresh baked cookies.

Each gift box of cookies will be lined in festive heart paper with red, pink and white shred to match. We'll be offering a selection of our favorite seasonal cookies for you to choose from.

Your Valentine cookie gift will be sent the week of February 5th, unless otherwise requested.

PRICES INCLUDE PRIORITY SHIPPING: 1 dozen: $29.95 ~ 2 dozen: $39.95 ~ 3 dozen: $49.95 ~ 4 dozen: $59.95 ~ 5 dozen: $69.95 ~ 6 dozen: $79.95 ~ 7 dozen: $89.95 ~ 8 dozen: $99.95 ~ 9 dozen: $109.95 ~ 10 dozen: $119.95 >

Prices shown below in parentheses, i.e., (+$10.00), after each size package, are in addition to the base price of $29.95 for a one-dozen package.

Valentine Cookie Package

Prices starting at:$29.95
SIZE OF PACKAGE:1 dozen ($29.95)
2 dozen (+$10.00)
3 dozen (+$20.00)
4 dozen (+$30.00)
5 dozen (+$40.00)
6 dozen (+$50.00)
7 dozen (+$60.00)
8 dozen (+$70.00)
9 dozen (+$80.00)
10 dozen (+$90.00)
Check your choices:just a nice variety
chocolate chip M&M
sugar with sprinkles
Chocolate Crinkle LIMITED EDITION
Message on Gift Card (don't forget your name):
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